The Life-Changing HCG Diet For Women

Las Vegas HCG Injections Doctor, Alex Spinoso, M.D. offers customized HCG Diet programs to suit women’s individual needs. Taking into account current health conditions, stress levels, and lifestyle habits, Dr. Spinoso optimizes HCG programs that set women up for weight loss success. He has helped thousands of patients in the Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding Clark County, Nevada area.

If you’re tired of trying everything to lose weight and ready to transform the way your body looks by completely resetting your metabolism, the HCG Diet may be the effective solution you are looking for.

HCG injections, taken at the recommended dose, allows women to successfully diet and lose weight for a greater amount of weight loss in a shorter period of time. By raising the level of the HCG hormone in one’s body, women are allowed to consume a daily caloric intake as low as 500 calories without feeling hungry.

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is safe and effective. Completely natural, HCG is water-based and found naturally in a women’s body. Unlike “magic diet pills” or potentially dangerous supplements, HCG is built from a complex amino-peptide protein that is found naturally in the human body.

Benefits of the HCG Diet for women may include:

Better Liver Function
High amounts of fat can begin to build up in the liver, which can cause scarring of the liver tissue, and after time, this can lead to liver cirrhosis. Losing weight can prevent fatty liver disease and improve the liver’s ability to clean the blood.
Decreased Risk of Diabetes
Diets high in sugar can lead to obesity and insulin resistance, which occurs when the body has to secrete so much insulin it no longer recognizes it in the bloodstream. This condition is known as insulin resistance and can lead to diabetes. Weight loss can decrease insulin resistance and the risk of forming diabetes.
Improved Energy Levels
Losing weight can allow a person to have more energy and decrease feelings of lethargy and malaise. A healthier diet can also allow for the body to have a better metabolism, which can increase energy levels and reduce fluctuations in blood sugar.
Improved Sleep
Increased amounts of fat storages can interfere with the body’s hormones, and because hormones signal the hypothalamus, which is responsible for setting sleep and wake cycles, weight loss can help the body have more balanced sleep cycles.
Increased Self Confidence
After losing weight on the HCG diet, many women are able to regain confidence and self esteem by owning a healthier body.
Lower Blood Pressure
Decreasing fat stores in the blood can lower blood pressure and decrease the risk for strokes and heart disease.
More Regular Periods
Excessive weight can cause the menstrual cycle to be irregular because body fat raises estrogen levels, and periods can come early, late, or not at all. They can also be very heavy or light; however, weight loss can balance the body’s menstrual cycle and hormones.
Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
Lowering the body’s fat content can decrease plaque build up in the arteries, which can decrease the risk for heart disease.

Las Vegas Women Have Had Amazing Weight Loss Results!

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Spinoso to discuss your goals and choose the best program for you. Genesis Lifestyle Medicine offers 4, 5 and 6-week programs. You will learn that an HCG injection program is one of the most successful ways of losing weight quickly. Every program includes personal meetings with the HCG Diet specialist and all the supplies needed.

Las Vegas HCG Injections Doctor, Alex Spinoso, M.D. has helped numerous women to lose weight and propel them for lifetime success. He has become a proponent of the HCG Diet because of the life-changing results he has seen in his patients. Women from all around Clark County, Nevada, including Las Vegas and Henderson have sought out Dr. Spinoso’s expertise to help improve their lives and finally shed the extra weight in a medically safe and efficient way.

To learn more about the HCG Diet programs offered at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, call to schedule a consultation today to begin your weight loss journey!