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Personalized HCG Diet plans offered by Las Vegas HCG Diet Doctor, Alex Spinoso, M.D. has helped men and women shed weight quickly and safely in a matter of weeks, allowing them to reach their weight loss goals. As the owner of Genesis Lifestyle Medicine of Nevada, Dr. Spinoso has extensive experience helping his patients lose unwanted weight and keep it off.

Utilizing advanced training and years of experience, Dr. Spinoso and his staff of medical weight loss specialists tailor each HCG Diet program to a patient’s specific needs and goals. Men and women from Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding Clark County, Nevada have sought out Dr. Spinoso for his expertise and personalized care. He remains on the cutting-edge of medicine, bringing natural, effective and safe treatments to his patients.

Wonderful and friendly staff! Doctor really took the time to explain things. Very professional! Best part is Weight loss has been immediate! HIGHLY Recommended! – Nick W.

History of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet was developed in the 1950’s by British Endocrinologist Dr. ATW Simeons. Dr. Simeons began studying pregnant women in rural India looking for the metabolic or physiological process behind the birth of full-weight healthy babies by malnourished, hard working women. After much research, Dr. Simeons found that the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone was responsible for this phenomenon. The HCG hormone was being produced by the woman’s body and was releasing fat stores in her body to be metabolized in order to provide the nutrients and nourishment her unborn child needed to develop while still in the womb.

Upon making this discovery, Dr. Simeons successfully began testing the effects of the hormone in individuals that were not pregnant in an effort to elicit the same fat-burning results from the metabolism. Dr. Simeons was able to accomplish this goal with the development of a special low-calorie diet plan supplemented with daily doses of the HCG hormone, effecting dramatic weight loss results in his obese patients. He published his research findings and methods in a book titled Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity, and opened a weight loss clinic using his newly developed HCG diet to help as many people as he could.

Is the HCG Diet Right for Me?

If you’re tired of trying everything to lose weight and ready to transform the way your body looks by completely resetting your metabolism, the HCG Diet may be the effective solution you are looking for.

Do You Identify With Some of the Following Statements:
  • My health is at risk because of excess weight.
  • I am unable to exercise the way I need to in order to burn fat.
  • My body won’t respond to fat-loss stimulants.
  • I have diabetes.
  • I have high blood pressure.
  • I am ready to commit to a low calorie diet, eliminating sugars and dramatically reducing carbs.

Dr. Spinoso ensures that the proper tests and research is done on each patient before they start an HCG Diet program, which ensures that the optimal dosage and meal plan is identified for each unique patient in an effort to maximize results. This medically-supervised diet has helped numerous men and women in Clark County Nevada to lose weight and achieve the benefits of healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices.

The Genesis Lifestyle Medicine HCG Diet program promises to work fast and with zero side effects. No anxiety. No nerves. No jitters. Just improved health, less fat and a body and life you’ll love.

Questions? Call Las Vegas HCG Diet Doctor, Alex Spinoso, M.D. of Genesis Lifestyle Medicine of Nevada to schedule your consultation and discuss your weight loss goals!